The "Coromandel Cardiothoracic Surgery Practice" is established by Western Qualified (UK) and Western trained (UK) Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeons - Dr.T.Sunder, Dr.Paul Ramesh Thangaraj and Dr.K.Madhan Kumar practicing at Apollo Hospitals, Chennai,India.

Cardiothoracic Surgery is a specialized area of surgery to treat heart, lung and other chest diseases.We offer an excellent and comprehensive 24-hour patient care with our unique consultant led practice, thereby ensuring Consultant input,advice and personal attendance at all stages during the hospital stay.We have the expertise and skill to provide all aspects of patient care and management.



We have established a robust heart and lung transplant program which has one of the best outcomes in India.

We perform the entire spectrum of cardio pulmonary transplantation including:

  • Heart Transplant
  • Single & Double Lung Transplant
  • Heart and Lung Transplant